Monday, October 30, 2006

my little boys and halloween

Jack Sparrow?

my boy jake from high school this weekend as... "Jack Sparrow". he spent all day watching the movie to make sure he could act and talk like him also.

jake and me at all american in la habra.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

oh yeah i will be a pirate for halloween

what are you going to be for halloween?

i have been a lazy blogger

i have been a lazy blogger and been busy with soccer that i need to download pics so you guys can enjoy the soccer experience with me. lol i also am busy trying to hit some deadlines for UYWI as we are in the middle of RELOAD and developing the brochure for the national conference, but i wanted to point you to some interesting places that j-lou has seen lately.

- Jeremy and Ben have both got comments in regards to James Dobson and some others on the right wing christian evangelicals thirst for political power over real change. interesting posts... make sure you read.

- the new UYWI blog that i know have a link to on my page. it will be getting posts soon from some great urban leaders (jeremy del rio, rudy carrasco, jaime puente and curt gibson if he is not chicken) and of course me and ben. so please comment on that page as well.

i though i would have more but i need to read a book or something so i have something to think about and comment on. until than j-lou will c u later.