Monday, May 22, 2006


if you were not aware, the 9th annual urban youth workers institute took place last week. it has been consuming most of my life over the last months and kept me from blogging regulary. how dare it? but it is over and i am still alive. it was alot of fun and many of you who read j-lou's confusion were there as well. i will post some more pics later. i hope urban leaders from norway to all of the cities across amreica were encouraged. i know that i was encouraged that we might see even more expressions of the kingdom of god act work in our world.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

helping others experience the kingdom of god

i have had a lot of thoughts about evangelism in the light of the reality that jesus never tells people to come forward and say a prayer to be a part of his family. he usually is hanging out with people and tells them stories about what the kingdom of god is like and than challenges people to make thier life about these things.

he focuses on the people that we seem like the hardest to reach, but somehow he sees them as the most open to his message and many times he proves just how open they are to his message. these people radically change thier lives to help others experience the kingdom of god. these thoughts were really intrigued as i read the last chapter of brian mcclaren's book, the secret message of jesus. here is a great quote to continue us thinking on this...

"if you're jesus, you take whatever space you are given and let god's kingdom be made visible and real there. it might be a beach near a lake or a field near a hillside. it might be a home in a village. it might be on a boat, or along a road, or next to a well, or even in a temple or a synagogue. you do what you can to make that space inclusive for all who want to experience the kingdom. you make that space an open border crossing so to speak. and if critics see you as a transgressor and criticize you for opening the doors and expanding the boundaries, you go on your purpose, making it clear that the kingdom of god is open to all, except those who want to ruin it by dividing it against itself. but even they, if they have a change of heart, will be welcomed in."

the questions i have been asking myslef...

how am i making the kingdom real and visible in the space he has placed me?

how am i showing others that the kingdom of god desires them to enter?

what story would jesus share with someone in socal to invite them into the kingdom of god?


crazy dayz!!

i am going to be really busy over the next week and a half, but felt the need to post something. i have a lot on my mind, so maybe tonite i will get it out of my head but for now... here are some of the orioles (and evan) at the doger game on sunday. enjoy.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

jeremy got us going and i cannot pass up

I AM: in support of immigration reform
I WANT: to work toward experiencing god's kingdom on earth as it is in heaven
I WISH: evan was potty trained
I HATE: personal trainers
I LOVE: kade and evan more than i ever could realize
I MISS: my boys right now
I FEAR: my boys will be too much like me when they grow up
I HEAR: voices in my head
I WONDER: what will come of the believe coalition in alhambra
I REGRET: alot of stuff
I AM NOT: a singer, dancer, musician and the list goes on
I DANCE: if necessary
I SING: and people run
I CRY: when i watch sports movies (love them)
I AM NOT ALWAYS: confused, just most of the time
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: kade and evan toys, sometimes they come out right, sometime not
I WRITE: way too many emails
I CONFUSE: myself
I NEED: a babysitter for saturday night
I SHOULD: hang out with kids in my community more
I START: a lot of books
I FINISH: some books
I TAG: anyone

Monday, May 01, 2006


kade continues to break out his toys from his birthday. this spiderman outfit included a web shooting contraption that has left blue foam all over my back yard, my shirt, and patio furniture. nice.