Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Tiny Phillies in 2008

kade and i are in a time of transition... we finish off our all star soccer season this saturday with the playoffs. he is the only 6 year old playing with 7 and 8 year olds and is holding his own. he has even survived playing some goalie! But it is know time to focus on baseball and the days of the tee and everyone playing are long gone. kade stood in the batter box at practice yesterday and face another kid for the first time. he looked terrified, but stayed in the box. the first pitch took off over his head ... he turned and looked at me like he was about to die, but stayed in there. andy had some trouble getting it over the plate, so i stepped in and kade hit a soft grounder... i think he was still a little scared.... maybe scared a lot. lol.

in the car on the way home, kade was like "dad, andy almo0st hit me ." i said i know, but he does not want to hit you. cause than u go to first base... he commented back... "it will hurt" my assurance that he would go to first base was met with ... "when does soccer season start again". i think kade is in some transition also... he is the youngest on this team too, but he always rises to the occasion and i think he will be alright. hopefully, i will survive too... i woke up last night at 2 am and could not sleep cause i was thinking about this team and how to get them ready for games in a few weeks. i have not been stressed like this in quite awhile. pray for me. :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

OBAMA Sweeps 3 Primaries

i cannot believe the momentum the obama has going his way right now. i cannot believe that we actually may have an african american male running for president and many people are saying that he would be favored to beat mccain. i can't believe this is all happening. this time last year, i would have said no way... the country would never vote an african american into office. i think things have changed.... oh have they changed. i was listening to his victory speech tonight in madison, wisconsin. i have never heard a person running for president speak like him. he spoke of hope, change, and dreams that can become reality. he acknowledge that it is an uphill road, but that we can make it. i told kade.... you see that guy on tv. his name is barak obama. he could change everything.

Jim Carey Top Picks

as i was watching the GIANTS end the quest toward perfection on Superbowl Sunday... it was great. my friend kurits' uncle had a flash back to me in high school when i would do my jim carey impersonations. fire marshall bill was my favorite.... "let me tell you something". today at uywi, we got into a discussion in regards to the best jim carey films of all time. i have seen i think all of them even an early film called rubberface, which i encourage everyone to stay away from. here are my top 5 in descending order:

#5 Man on the Moon (His ability in this film to take over a character was amazing.)

#4 Ace Ventura 2: When Nature Calls (i liked this one better than the first and when he comes out of the rhino butt naked... i loose it every time.)

#3 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (wow. this was a trip.)

#2 Liar Liar (this was really close to being first. the bathroom scene when he beats the crap out of himself is unforgettable. the father son piece to the movie also could have pushed it to #1 as well)

#1 Dumb and Dumber (i think i sharted the first time i saw this in the theater, i know i was crying in the aisle. this was a classic of all time.)

What do you think?

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Monday, February 04, 2008


i almost jumped through the ceiling at my friend kurtis' house when plaxico caught the pass in the corner of the end zone. i had a feeling after the catch across the middle when eli got away from a sack and threw it up for grabs. the trojan steve smtih made one mistake, but than had a critical catch on the last drive also.

it was amazing to see the patriots and than for belacheat to walk off the field before the game was over... showed the amount of class that he has... 18 - 1 is done. no super bowl victory. it was great. i love it. i think i need to buy a g-men shirt.