Sunday, February 11, 2007

the forgotten ways

i have been encouraged to read this book by a number of friends and is a great follow up to the spider and the starfish. the spider and the starfish has a great message to people of faith to stop trying to control the holy spirit and the people who desire to follow christ. the authors never mention anything regarding the holy spirit or issues of faith, but if you are a follower of christ the message goes right to your heart. the reason, i say this seems to be a great follow up to the book is that "the forgotten ways" shows examples of this being lived out and gives an ideology for us to follow in creating communities of faith that are organic and decentralized. here is one statement that the author quotes from another source...

'Far too long, historians have accepted the claim that the conversion of the Emperor Constantine (ca. 285-337) caused the triumph of Christianity. To the contrary, he destroyed its most attractive and dynamic aspects, turning a high-intensity, grassroots movement into an arrogant institution controlled by an elite who often managed to both brutal and lax.' Rodney Stark, For the Glory of God.

here is a link to a blog concerning the book and you will get a better understanding of the book. this quote sets up the idea that the church moving from the fringes of society to the central has over the years caused it to loose its power and influence. i have many times sense the church for the most part being controlled by "an arrogant institution controlled by an elite who often manages with brutality and lax. this book has my mind going and dreaming about a place that i would feel comfortable calling my faith community that i can share my doubts, dreams and struggles in my life as a follower of christ.

i know i have been pretty quiet lately on the blog, but i feel like this could be followed by many more thoughts that will allow myself to better understand this book and the message of Christ.

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