Thursday, April 12, 2007

what would i do with an established church?

listen to this question that was asked to alan hirsch...

“If you were asked to steer a conventional, western church on a missional path and were given the freedom to utilize or reallocate all funds and resources in the best way you felt this could be accomplished, how and what would you do?

You have three staff members and a lien-free building. And the building is located in a neighborhood where few members actually live.”

here is his answer and 40 comments... if i have the time to think maybe i will give you my answer. if you have an answer i would love to hear it also.

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T-Dub said...

I am not sure exactly what I would do. I do know one thing though. I wouldn't spend millions of dollars on a building. Having a building to call "home" can be great, but there are so many other things that are more worthy of our money. I wonder how God feels about churches that spend 4 mil on their new building.

Hey, I hear that you're gonna be in New Orleans the same week as us. Are you gonna work with the college groups or adults? Britt and I are split from my mom and Sue. You should definitely hang with us.
Sorry I couldn't make it out yesterday. I wanted to come, but my friend ended up having his baby yesterday. I could almost smell the tri tip though.