Thursday, January 03, 2008

Now What?

i was sitting in the stands right in front of the trick play that put illinois in their seats and shut them up for the rest of the game. i love the haters.... i do love you jeremy, but u r a hater. lol. i love this picture for so many reasons. it gives the haters something to kiss and you see pete with his hands raised in the air. i think my favorite part of the game was in the 4th quarter and 7 year senior hershell dennis was in the game near the goal line and they had given him the ball twice to run it in and he had not made it. the fans starting chatting his name to give him one more go at it and they did. he barely got it across the goal line and the place went crazy. the entire team rushed the field and jumped on top of him and went crazy in the end zone. it continued on the sideline for a few minutes. it showed the closeness and love the team has for the veterans.

oh, well. it was great start to a new year. the care bears had a great end of the season and will be on probation soon with rick on the sidelines lol. i will try to post more soon, so check back bi-weekly or every once in awhile for updates on the confusion of my life and the boys who call me daddy. peace.

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urBenLA said...

it's funny to have your peacekeeping post followed by this smacktalking post. I like it though. It was a lopsided matchup anyway.