Tuesday, February 12, 2008

OBAMA Sweeps 3 Primaries

i cannot believe the momentum the obama has going his way right now. i cannot believe that we actually may have an african american male running for president and many people are saying that he would be favored to beat mccain. i can't believe this is all happening. this time last year, i would have said no way... the country would never vote an african american into office. i think things have changed.... oh have they changed. i was listening to his victory speech tonight in madison, wisconsin. i have never heard a person running for president speak like him. he spoke of hope, change, and dreams that can become reality. he acknowledge that it is an uphill road, but that we can make it. i told kade.... you see that guy on tv. his name is barak obama. he could change everything.

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Anonymous said...

Yes we can!
don't vote for the mama,
vote for obama
no more drama
vote for obama