Monday, April 24, 2006

Here Comes Trouble

Well the great Evanator... has made it through his second week of skool. But listen to this story from last Tuesday.

well evan last week was on spring break, so he was put in a classroom with a number of other kids (including his brother, kade) and some college girls were on duty in place of the normal teachers for the week to keep track of them.

each day evan wanted to continually leave the room and head to his normal classroom, so a teacher would have to continually chase him down the hallway. he just wanted to go to his classroom that he was normally in. the teachers all thought he was the cutest thing, but definitley thought he was a handful. than came tuesday.

i get a call and evan has KILLED all of the fish in one of the classrooms, hit a kid with a bucket and gave him a bloody nose and had to be drug off a couple other kids (he likes to wrestle). i know that is all bad stuff... but i must admit that i had to really focus not to laugh. oh well... i think i may need to trade in power ranger shows for some discovery channel stuff. but i dropped of evan this morning, he teacher ms. noemy is back. so hopefully he will have a better week.


The Yepiz Zone said...

Well the great Evanator... has made it through his second week of skool.

I hope his spelling will be better than yours....LOL!

Jeremy Del Rio said...

Sounds like Evan's a chip off the old block!

Sonia:) said...

I don't know...the dicovery channel has some pretty violent stuff too! :)

pableezy said...

evan does drugs??

J-Lou said...

sonia, you are so right. after watching "when sharks attack" i will probably be getting phone calls of him biting kids. not good.