Friday, April 21, 2006

The River

ben posted a very true comment on my post from last week. it is how we need a balance of investing in lives and trying to change the system. here is a good illustration... of course jacked from someone becuase i am not that smart.

there was a group of people who had dedicated thier lives to living along a certain river, because they had noticed that many people were caught in this fast moving river and thought it would be a good purpose in life to dedicate themselves to helping pull people out of the river and care for them back to health. they began to be frustrated, because no matter how many people they rescued. it was never ending and in recent days it had just gotten worse... more and more people were needing to be rescued. a wise person came along one day and was inspired by their intentions, but asked them an interesting question. have you ever thought of trying to figure out who is pushing these people in the river?

the point is that many of our programs, ministries or investments are on the end of helping the individual overcome thier issues and these are essential. but we do need people who are willing to try and keep people from getting pushed in the river, jumping in the river, slipping in the river or just doing something to slow the number of people down who need to be rescued.

that's all that i have to say about this.

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