Friday, August 18, 2006


i had a great meeting with mary glenn in regards to our continued discussion on uniting alhambra churches to provide activites and resources to the young people in our community. our long term goal is provide a drop in center for youth to attend after school. the summer has been very busy and we accomplished very little, but we are very hopeful to see where god leads us.

we currently have about 6 or 7 churches that are verbally committed and have attended group meetings or at least sat and dicsussed the vision of BELIEVE with mary or myself. we are hopeful to have something more tangible to talk about and promote in the coming month.

if you are locally located in the alhambra area and are interested in being involved please let me know. i know we will need people who like basketball, are available to have conversations with students that english is a second language, mentor at risk youth or hang out at a future drop in center.

Here is the vision:

Believe (in Alhambra YOUTH)

To create a community/movement for Alhambra youth that is:

  • A safe place of refuge
      • Where they can learn from different generations.
      • Where they can build real friendships.
      • Where they can find support from positive role models/mentors.
  • Empowering youth to make a difference in Alhambra (opportunities to serve, etc)
  • Building bridges across diversity (ethnic, religious)

This community/movement – can move locations – this is about its essence.

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just danielle... said...

i am definitely interested. the mentoring part sounds good to me! =]