Friday, January 19, 2007


the last few weeks have been crazy for mary glenn (from kingdom causes alhambra) and myself as the concept of BELIEVE that was in our heads and discussed with local churches about supporting the young people in the city of alhambra. but it has taken on enormous potential and life. mary had a meeting with the alhambra pd on wednesday, while i was freezing my butt off in chi-town. the meeting was amazing. they want to continue the conversation about us creating a mentoring program... they actually want to partner with us, but more conversation is needed to work out the details. they want us to have 7 mentors trained and passed life scans in the next month. these mentors would be placed with 3 students each that are first time or multiple offenders. they are interested in placing tons of students in this program. we are scrambling next wednesday to meet and figure out our strategy. but if you live near or in alhambra and have talked about being apart of BELIEVE. this is the time to step up and be at the beginning of something that could change our community.

the mentoring program is just the begining. the school district is also interested in talking with us about supporting and staffing after school programs at every elementary school in the city.
this has tremendous potential for huge kingdom impact. so please pray for doors to continue to open and for mary and myself to understand how to navigate these relationships. we are very excited to see where this goes. but BELIEVE is going to happen. amen.

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*.:JeNn JeNn:.* said...

Awesome! Let me know any way I can help...

It's weird, I was thinking about BELIEVE the other day and later that night had a dream about it!

God's blessing is totally on this project and I am soooooooo excited to see what becomes of it!

I will be looking foward to future e-mails from you or Mary!

I don't know if you have my current e-mail....

God Bless!