Wednesday, January 17, 2007

socal for life... dang chicago is cold

well j-lou jumped on a plane last night and headed to the windy city for a day. i am going to a chicago reload meeting for uwyi. letting fred stay home and chill with his family. he has been on the road way too much and i remember my days of 2 or 3 trips a month in the name of reload. i am glad i do not do that anymore.

i am currently blogging while riding the el train. as i was waiting for the train, i was reminded of why i live in socal as my ears were about to fall off and shatter upon impact on the ground. i also realized that converse all stars are trendy and cool looking for j-lou in socal. i have thick socks on and my toes are still freezing while i am sitting my but on the train. so i know noel, chris, marcos, phil, ginny, alison and so many other dear friends live here in chicago, but i will enjoy my flight back tomorrow morning and not complain about the 40 - 50 degree weather that we have been experiencing in socal and we all thought that was cold.

well i am going to be at my stop soon, so i better post. peace.


urBenLA said...

yeah, i miss SoCal more in the rain than I do in the snow or cold. But I grew up in this.

It's cool where you can use your Sprint broadband card. Taking the L train or whereever (couldn't do it on the red line in LA).

Chris Brooks said...

Chicago haters...why must you hate on the Windy?

That's OK...we'll have the Olympics soon.

Peace and prayers,