Tuesday, March 13, 2007

new orleans bound

i was hanging out with archie honrado today. he is a ywam guy that has just got back from some time in ensenada mexico. he was saying how good it feels to get out of our normal life and serve in another area. i was excited, because thursday morning myself and chris (a good friend) will be heading to new orleans to serve with a ministry called go tigers that i blogged about before in the lower 9th ward. i have seen tons of pictures of what katrina left behind and how nothing has been done to help so many families. i am truly ready for my heart to be broken. i will put up some pics and try to post from new orleans.


T-Dub said...

It's actually called "Tigers Go", but who's being picky ;)

Do you keep in touch with Jarrod much still?

J-Lou said...

yeah we touch base on aim or through email once in awhile and more lately because of go tigers... i mean tigers go. i knew the tiger was moving. haha.