Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Where did J-Lou go?

i have been mia from the blogging world, because i have been busy. i think i have like 2 - 3 posts that are in me, so will try to get them out throughout the next two days. my first post will be on my 2nd year as the manager of the orioles or as the kids and some parents call them... the OREOS. oh well. i have 13 great kids... 2 girls and 11 boys. we have been practicing twice a week til games begin. we had picture day this last saturday, so it was fun to see the kids in their uniforms and if you can tell from the team picture that some how evan makes his way onto the team. he is the one in the front row... and the only one with the orange jersey. the parents were cool and let him be in the picture. hope you enjoy the pics and more to follow throughout the season.


T-Dub said...

Why are you coaching that sport? I mean, after being the soccer coach I thought you had finally seen the light. I guess not. I'll have to keep praying for your soul. Maybe one day God's love will show you truth. haha. love you man

J-Lou said...

you are too funny. soccer is to keep him in shape for baseball season... and like on your blog we would hate for to still being playing soccer in high school and miss out on basketball. lol. thanks for posting and i am glad you are doing so good. hope to see you soon.