Tuesday, May 29, 2007

my boys are on me for good!

i always get asked if i have a picture of my boys on me... now i can always say, "yes right here on my arm"!


Joser said...

Hey bro,

That looks like it hurt. Did it? I am big chicken when it comes to needles so I can never get one. Becky's brother started one and never got it finished because it hurt too much. lol

J-Lou said...

it hurt less than i thought it was going to hurt... this took a little over 3 hours and i still have a little more to do on it. he is going to put a banner under it with the words "god's gift".

Joser said...

Is he going to capitalize God? lol

Chris Brooks said...

That is HOT J-Lou. I have my kids' names on my left shoulder, but you went the extra mile!

And there's more to come?! You da man!

RMaxT said...

ay ay ay
como me duele
just to look at it!
[i'm a needle chicken too.. give me a sharpie and i'm good]

cool look, ese.