Friday, May 25, 2007

uywi 07 is over

well the 10th anniversary of the urban youth workers institute is over. i have heard great comments about the event and many who have been at the event numerous times have stated that it was the best ever. i am glad that people also are stating that they loved the workshops and the diversity... not to pat myself on the back, but my love language is words of affirmation, so i will. lol. it made me feel great to here the comments, because i spent most of my time since last october trying to put together an amazing team of presenters that would help bring a diverse amount of topics that will really support the urban leaders across america.

i was encouraged to here from crissy brooks of mika cdc that in her gentrification workshop that she had fifteen cities from around the country represented. i heard from other people that it seemed like more people traveled from around the country to attend the event this year. we even had someone travel from africa to be with us.

so i now have a week off and have many things i should do... but we will see what i do get down. as i am writing this post i am looking at my house that i do need to clean... but i have already golfed once and am hoping that i get two more in before i go back.

so i hope everyone of you have a great memorial and hopefully i will be able to read more and post more since conference is over. i have been intrigued with some conversation with antibaptist people, so i may read some of that... they have this view of trying to see god in your enemy... i need a lot of help with the loving enemy thing, so it may be helpful. oh yeah ... baseball is over as well, so that allows more free time to.


genxcel said...

How's this for a long-distance back pat: Great job this year! Enjoy your well deserved vacation.

Miss PeƱate said...

This YEAR's UYWI WAS AMAZING! The best best BEST part- was- the presenters. It had a diverse pool training/learning and it had a whole lot of new worshops applying to new needs. I loved it bc UYWI changed their workshops according w the NEEDS of the people. Rene Rochester, Andrew Marin, Melodia de la Luz (so glad she finally gave wrkshp) etc etc. I loved it ALL. Great Job Mr. Lewis! - May God continue to use you in the picking/making/aiding to UYWI conferences. Blessings!

(affirmed?, jk)

J-Lou said...

thanks for the love. i feel so affirmed :)