Sunday, July 22, 2007

i am back in new orleans

i am back in new orleans for another week. i will be helping rebuild some home of people who have been affected by katrina. i was here over spring break with the organizations tigersgo and they are a great group of people from clemson that love jesus and their neighbor with amazing compassion.

we shared a meal tonight with three survivors of katrina. i spoke with an older lady that was moved to the superdome as katrina hit, but than was evacuated out of the city to dallas, tx. she was there for a few months and bounced in a few places, but now is back in new orleans. she explained with almost tears coming down her eyes about how she lost everything, including her two cats. i thinks she misses the cats the most. my heart was broken. they speak about a disaster that hit almost two years ago, as if it happened last week. i think the trauma from the event is immeasurable. i don't blame them because as you drive through the city you are constantly reminded of katrina. you cannot go one day without being reminded of the devastation.

i know what i do this week is a drop in the bucket of what needs to take place, but one of my desires while here is to really encourage those that are serving here year round. a guy named dave monte that graduated from clemson and chosen to move into the community and host people year round that want to serve. he is amazing. the churches that are hosting and partnering with tigersgo are amazing also. a true appreciation and a desire to learn what it means to love your neighbor as yourself. i will try to post some pics up over the next few days. peace.

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