Monday, August 13, 2007

house church part 1... assuming i will write about it again

i was at our house church last night in alhambra. we had a few visitors, a few old faces show up and the regulars. i usually get asked about church, because of my position working at a non profit that supports the local church in working with young people in urban areas around are country. i also get asked... what church do you go to? i am always proud to say that i attend a house church in alhambra with a few people. we have no building... we dont plan on moving into a building someday... we just meet in a living room and hope that we may inspire other to do the same. i am not against the traditional structure that most americans choose to gather in and call church. but i do think that the house church movement is better... for me at least or why would i do it. here are a few reasons that i believe that there is great value in meeting as a house church.

  • you are never just a number... if you show up than you were probably invited and you already now a few people and they will introduce you to the other few.
  • you get to ask questions and dialogue with people in regards to the reading from the scripture
  • you are able to stay engaged each others life on a regular basis... our house church had been breaking off at the end of the evening to pray for each other in small groups. we have not done this the last few times... i hope we get that part back soon.
  • it is not based on the leadership of an individual.
  • you have the flexibility to start one with your own group of friends... i have a group of guys that i am very close with that i have met a few times on my back porch.
i have more reasons that i love house church, but i am not in the writing mood. my last thoughts on this post are that i think the small aspect of church is the most important than any large gathering. it is where true community is built that is why when i ran a youth group i would tell students if you had one thing to go to each week... i would encourage them to go to their small group over going to a large service. it is where true discipleship and growth and evangelism can take place. that is it for now.


Sonia:) said...

i love house church too!! and you are right...let's not forget our prayer groups. remind us next time if we forget.

Chris Brooks said...

Interesting take J-Lou. I am at Sanctuary with Efrem, and he has been able to build a good sized Church (750ish) without losing much of the community and relationship stuff that exists in much smaller Churches and Communities. I feel like I know over 1/2 of the Church!

Have you had experiences with larger Churches that were disappointing? I'd love to see you blog about that!!!

Miss PeƱate said...

Question L: I have read and now and then pop in to read other posting by you re Home Church. I like reading what goes in an "atendee's" mind. But my question is, these home churche's and the folk that gather... you are all looking for what? Like an alternative to church, or more of the fellowship?

I am trying to research the reason why they sprung up. Is it bc we as a society have stayed so far from what "church" should be that now we look for that closeness, that fellowship and that "connection" that members of begining churches use to have?

I know I am all over the place... lol... but lot's of q's everywhere there...

Your response is appreciated. Thanks-

Curious, Miss W.