Friday, August 24, 2007


i am so excited that football season is on its way. i like baseball, but football is great and the trojans are locked and loaded and ready to go. i have my tickets for the first game, but am waiting for my soccer schedule with my two little rugrats to see what other games i can go to. the trojans have a huge target on their backs, as a preseason #1 and most are saying they can only beat themselves. so care bears enjoy your win last year and i hope you have recovered from your beat down by florida state in your little bowl game. we cannot wait to play you in december.

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Jonsey said...

did you hear all the acc hype about App state 2A beating Michigan 1A #5 ranked in the nation? it was a pretty sweet victory. even better though- michigan hand picked app to play them for a first game easy win and even paid them 400,000 bucks + all travel expenses for them to do it too! got to love acc football :)