Wednesday, September 26, 2007

j-lou updates

hey i just thought i would give u a few updates....

  • kade still has his mohawk and his teacher and school love it! yeah for public schools... booh private schools who do not let kids express themselves! :)
  • pray for evan... he is really having a tough time with school. he is back at his old school that he seemed to like. pray that he will adjust to the fact that he needs to go to school.
  • soccer is on! i am not a big soccer fan, but i enjoy coaching kades team. these kids are focused and are running other teams off the field. evan's team is a lot of but evan not too interested, which i am fine with. he may be more like me and have no interest in playing soccer.
that is all for now... oh yeah i was at the usc game and they are looking good. i am hoping for a usc show down in new orleans at the sugar bowl so i can meet up with whoever to watch the game and call it katrina relief. i think will help me not have to get a hotel.

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Chris Brooks said...

J Lou,

It was good chopping it up with you today. Let's stay committed to each other!