Tuesday, September 11, 2007

the mohawk is back

if you did not read my blog a year ago... you would not have been aware of kade's first mohawk experience that his school cut short by telling him he must cut it off. well he is at a new school and the mohawk is back and has lasted two days at school and our first soccer game.


Carla LaFayette said...

cute! When is dad getting a mohawk?

urBenLA said...

cood call Carla. I guess She visited your blog and mine...hey, piggybacking off the conversation from yesterday... how about "Colambra" or "Alhambus", combining the idea of Alhambra and Columbus?? or perhaps you should make up a word which would work for it... "urbified" or "whiters" or "spaztic confusion".. anyway, just wanted to put those out there... feel free to latch onto any of them and call me to skype.