Thursday, October 11, 2007

bad sports week ... but there is some light shining through!

i think the title of the post sums of the week... here is all the bad things that took place
  • usc looses to the 41 point underdog team in nocal. congrats and much love to john liotti and all of east paloalto who were dancing in the streets after the game. i hope no cars were blown up in the celebration.
  • the yankees loose to the indians.... i am know an indian fan.
  • i loose to samdog by one point in fantasy football.
here is the light shining through the clouds:
  • the care bears looooooooose to notre dame. read my post awhile back and i joked that this would occur, but never thought those stinkin care bears would ruin the chance to see notre dame go 2-10. but it is always nice to see ucla loose.
  • kade's soccer team destroyed another opponent. kade even scored a goal and the team still has not been scored on all season long. i am a great recreational activity coach.
  • the basketball season is opening soon and the bulls did not trade for kobe. so i am still a bulls fan. lol.
  • mark sanchez will start for the trojans this week and the john david booty era maybe over. it will be fun to see if mark's potential and hype will live up to anything.
  • ucla (the cuddly care bears) are still unranked
i think that wraps up the sports week. so hope you have a splendid sports weekend and we will see you soon. peace.


urBenLA said...

I remember talking to Pablo last season and suggest that the Sanchez era should start then... perhaps you'd still be #1.

rudy said...

what was that about the indians?

thanks for your work in organizing social justice at uywi and beyond

J-Lou said...

i am no longer an indian fan... GO ROCKIES!!!!!!