Monday, November 12, 2007

An All Around Good Weekend

i just thought i would land over here and share the highlights of my above average and maybe you could say a great weekend. the pic is just becuz it is awesome and will draw more attention to the post. lol. so here are the highlights:
  • the silver bullets (kade's soccer team) continued to reign terror in division U-8 soccer of ayso region 60. i do admit that i am not a soccer fan and you will never catch me watching it on tv, but i love to coach the silver bullets. they are a great group of 6/7 years olds who are so much fun. if you were to visit our practices you would think i am running a basketball practice. i have turned basketball drills into soccer drills. they keep space... the pass... and the play defense. i am one proud coach!
  • the trojans took care of the tree loving cal bears! it seems if we can beat arizona state next week, which will be a tough one. than destroy the care bears on Dec. 1. oh you want to know how much o love the silver bullets.. i gave up tickets for that game because i have a game at 1 pm and the usc vs ucla game begins at 1230. it is our last game and just could not miss it! so all the trojan haters get ready for us to make run for another bcs bowl. our team travels well for bowls, so as long as we stay in the top 12 in the bcs rankings (currently 11th). we will be chillin in a bcs bowl for the 5th year in a row. the dynasty is not dead!
  • i saw american gangster at 10 am on sunday while most of you were chillin in a pew :) it was a great movie and it took me about half an hour to recover from wanting to start my own drug cartel and shoot people. lol. you must see the movie. very good. denzel is always good though.
  • i watched football with friends the rest of the day and than hit the house church of alhambra to end the day. we had a great discussion on death and grieving and jesus in the middle of it. very interesting because a few friends lost people this week.
oh well, that was the weekend of j-lou! i hope you enjoyed the journey and brian's book and some people i have met lately i am contemplating a trip to uganda or some other war torn country. peace.

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urBenLA said...

and what about my Bucks rolling Hart, Henne, Carr and the Wolverines? It helps us all survive for the next 2 months until we play again.