Monday, October 29, 2007

usc comments for all you haters!

ok... this one is for del rio (there is your link lol) and all of my friends that love to hate on my trojans! we lost. i watching the game and lacked confidence in the offense to come back as in past years that i knew they would come back swinging. but i was not as disappointed and do not see the dynasty as dead. florida lost there 3rd game this week as well, but i am sure they are not dead. we are having a bad year, we have had a lot of injuring and the back ups have not filled the gaps as in other years, but i am excited about the development of pieces. i love the haters to bring it on! it will make it all better when we rise back to the TOP! but i promise to wear my trojan gear, invite people to watch the game this week at my house and keep moving supporting the team. i remember carson palmer playing so BAD and than BOOOOOOOOM he went off. we can hopefully the same will take place with sanchez... if not mustain waits in the wings. it seems as if everyone is panicking and that the program is falling apart. yeah... i am sure pete likes that. no excuses... we lost.

oh and the care bears lost... so that always improves a week.

oh and those stinkin red sox won! i will boycott espn for three days in my displeasure for them winning! lol.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Everything Must Change

i bought this book, because i buy most brian mclaren books. i am always hoping that his thoughts and ideas will challenge me or help give me words to explain my thoughts and emotions that have evoked doing ministry over the years and bring clarity to my mission and purpose as a follower of christ. i know many people dislike brian and that is ok and it seems ok with him. it seems he has chosen to spend his time going forward than trying to defend himself to everyone who seems to be against him. i am glad to say that for some people that i meet that do have issues with him most are pretty open to dialogue about the ideas he brings up. others love to throw simple comments instead of sitting down over coffee and sharing a difference of opinion but being able to keep a great christian friendship, but that is ok also.

this book, "everything must change" has caught me of guard though. it truly has gotten myself thinking about the societal structures in our world and my place in building them up or my place in bringing them down. he makes a comment that

"for some of we are happy going through life knowing as little as possible about economics, politics and ecology. As long as we pay our credit card bill, avoid going to jail, and enjoy a cold drink, we'd rather not deal with the complexities of the societal machinary around us."

he nailed me! this was a perfect description of me for so many years, but over the last few years i have taken small steps into the waters of some of these areas. i think i have taken small steps because i am afraid of the changes that i would need to make to fully take the plunge. ecspecially, when my thinking and ideas run smack dab into the way i like to live my life some times. i think i also have walked slower, because i have issues with how people perceive me. i must admit that i like people to like me. lol. and since as i tread into the waters on these issues, many of the people that "liked me" seem to not like me. because i seem to land on the opposite side of them and than they would like to just get in arguments with me and call me names. but as i read this book and have dialogues with others on the topic i am truly challenged to walk forward and not care what people think. i already have no desire to defend myself to people who are not willing to share a true friendship first and than talk. i just do not have time or the energy for that anyway . i have two boys and barely have enough energy to be a single dad and very little energy to wait for that right girl to land my way. haha.

i do not post much, but maybe this book will push me over here a little more. but i am on facebook! so you can visit me there! lol if i do post again on this it will be about "framing stories". a little more confusion from j-lou. peace.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

bad sports week ... but there is some light shining through!

i think the title of the post sums of the week... here is all the bad things that took place
  • usc looses to the 41 point underdog team in nocal. congrats and much love to john liotti and all of east paloalto who were dancing in the streets after the game. i hope no cars were blown up in the celebration.
  • the yankees loose to the indians.... i am know an indian fan.
  • i loose to samdog by one point in fantasy football.
here is the light shining through the clouds:
  • the care bears looooooooose to notre dame. read my post awhile back and i joked that this would occur, but never thought those stinkin care bears would ruin the chance to see notre dame go 2-10. but it is always nice to see ucla loose.
  • kade's soccer team destroyed another opponent. kade even scored a goal and the team still has not been scored on all season long. i am a great recreational activity coach.
  • the basketball season is opening soon and the bulls did not trade for kobe. so i am still a bulls fan. lol.
  • mark sanchez will start for the trojans this week and the john david booty era maybe over. it will be fun to see if mark's potential and hype will live up to anything.
  • ucla (the cuddly care bears) are still unranked
i think that wraps up the sports week. so hope you have a splendid sports weekend and we will see you soon. peace.