Tuesday, June 03, 2008

OBAMA and the Phillies

i will be very excited to watch obama clinch the democratic presidential campaign tonight in minneapolis which will be the site of the republican convention. we will have our first african american major candidate to run for president. i am glad that my kids are alive to see this and my hope is that they will see him in office in 2009! i have been watching this race as closely as some most things on espn. i think this is the most time i have spent thnking about political issues in all of my life. i am not really sure how that will affect anything else in my life i guess time will tell.

outside of the election and becoming a laker fan for one series.... boston sucks! my life has been dedicated to the tiny phillies. we are one game away from being the champions in the alhambra tiny division. we are on a 13 game winning streak and look to wrap it up this friday. for those of you on facebook... you are very aware of this :)

i kno probably like ther are two readers left over here but we love you paul! hahah!

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