Friday, June 27, 2008

what has j-lou been up to?

well, it seems i do not blog very often but life has been throwing so many curve balls to me over the last month that i just need to write about all the good stuff to remind me of all the good stuff and get my head off the stuff i dont like... so here is my own personal counseling session.
  • the phillies won the tiny championship for granada park! i am sure everyone who barely even knows me knows about the tiny phillies.
  • i am taking part in a new curriculum development piece with the search institute on how adolescents develop spiritually. it was an insightful two days together looking at research and other stuff.
  • i went on an amazing vacation.
  • i have amazing friends
  • i have a great house church that i am apart of... even though i have been a flake this month becuz of too many reasons but no real good excuses
  • i was apart of an amazing oc faith based gang summit that took place with over 180 leaders in partnership orange county probation
  • i am beginning to get a number of urban coalitions off the ground that i think have the opportunity to create some real change in some communities that need collaborating organizations joining forces
  • i am laughing inside thinking i am excited that i get to coach soccer in the next months
  • i have two of the most wonderful boys who love me unconditionally and passionately (this should probably be #1, but i guess i can always save the best for last)
well that is the end of my personal session, so i will try and look at it over the next couple of weeks and maybe it will make some of the bad things seem not so bad!

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