Wednesday, June 28, 2006

how to run and jump over a wall

i stumbled across this on the internet. it is "how to run and jump over a wall" and good information that i definitely could have used in high school. this technique would be great for a number of my high school issues:
  • i walked into the wrong neighborhood and young mexicans with shaved heads were chasing me
  • the person whose rims or stereo i was in the process of borrowing came out of the house
  • the police raid a party and the only way out is over the 8 foot wall in the backyard
  • the obstacle course at the local playground would have been so much easier
this is extremely useful information, but i have not recently needed to attempt this feat.


The Yepiz Zone said...

LOL! Too funny...yet disturbing at the same time.

QueenTeresita said...

Hmmmm...yes...very useful...yes.