Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Kade and Evan Talent Show!

kade had a great performance to a latin jam. i am not sure of the title but he was swinging the hips with his asian honey. it was not as difficult as his performance, but i think he dances circles around his dad. i think next year, he will be ready for a solo appearance. a number of kids do a solo performance and kades martial arts / break dancing act he does in the living room would put them all to shame. so we will start practicing for next year.

evan made it in the show. i spoke with his teacher the morning of the program and he had been cut from being on stage, because of his tendency to push kids out of thier spots and the potential of launching himslef off stage into the crowd as if he was at punk rock show. but to my delight, as his class took the stage, evan was in the mix. he did not really dance, but circled the group at least twice taking a good look at the props to the back of the stage and even stuck his head between a couple of people. but for the most part he behaved and did not disrupt the show and got a few chuckles from the crowd. dad left with a smile.

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