Tuesday, June 06, 2006

the kingdom of god is like yeast...

i have heard this parable (a story that illustrates a lesson) so many times over the years, but if you missed the general session on Saturday morning of the 9th annual urban youth workers institute. you should download it, because alise and jeffrey nailed it. it was great.

they talked about how god's kingdom is active and at work in so many places that we would never think. he is working and cannot be seen. the yeast is invisible to the eye, but is powerful and what appears is the affect of the yeast. the illustration is perfect for the kingdom of god. god is active and moving and what we many times miss is the affect, because we have chosen not to look and believe that god can work outside of our ministry or outside the staus quo. i think god loves to be invisible in his work. the message of the kingdom of god is hidden from so many, but so powerful. those that find the message, it becomes invaluable. if you have ever made bread... i think you know yeast is invaluable to the process.

i like to personalize stuff... so what does the parable of the yeast say to me in my life. how do i begin to remember that god loves to work behind the scenes? i need to really be aware of god's kingdom and look for ways to partner with him in allowing what is invisible to become visible to those around me. i need to slow down and appreciate the kingdom that is active.

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