Thursday, September 28, 2006

fantasy football can change you

i took a year off from fantasy football last year. it has usually been a fall ritual to get into a league and test my management skills in cyber space. this year i was invited by a co-workers to jump into his league and remembered how fun it was before, so i accepted the invitation. i really love watching football and this makes it all the more interesting, because who have a stake in a number of the games. it is almost like betting on each game, but i am not in danger of losing any money.

but what i had forgotten is how this little game called fantasy football can change your loyalty to a team so quickly. my league has 14 teams, which means good player get swiped up fast and after the draft their is really no one left worthy considering picking up. but my starting quarterback for my team is "drew bledsoe" of the dallas cowboys. i hate (greatly dislike) the cowboys, becuase they were my brothers favorite team and me as the little brother has to hate what he likes. that how i started liking the trojans... he is a huge ucla fan thus you gotta like usc.

but now that i need drew bledsoe to do good so i can win this stinkin league... i find myself cheering for the cowboys. i am almost disgusted with myself... but i am in second place in the league, so i am happy.

last week, i love carson palmer, so i am a bengals fan and my heart first wanted them to kill the steelers.... BUT i have "parker" the steelers running back. so i was happy with a close victory and two touchdowns for parker.

i guess fantasy football really shows how much you are willing to sell out for... i guess the movie "pretty women" is right... we all have a price. i am sad to say that mine is a free fantasy football league that has no payout at the end for the winner. i am just a cheap trick. lol

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The Yepiz Zone said...

I'm 1-3 in my fantasy football league. I hate injuries. But worse, i hate all these "probables, and Questionables." I always end up making the bad choice.