Thursday, September 28, 2006

interesting article on the boarder issue

i just read this article and was connected from rudy's blog... i thought i would share and bring up an issue that is not fixed but has taken a back seat to other things it seems.

"The first measure that the House approved was 700 miles of border fencing. It was for show. It showed America that folks in Washington don't really understand how the border works.

First, as any border patrol agent will tell you, there's no fence that can keep out someone who is desperate to feed his family and who's willing to go around, go over, or go under.

Next, every time we crack down on the border, it enhances the bottom line for these multimillion-dollar smuggling outfits. Whereas it used to cost about $500 to cross the border, now the price is closer to $3,000. If we build more walls, the smugglers will raise prices again. That's bad. It creates an incentive for smugglers to stay in business since business is so good.

Lastly, we've built fences before, and it only resulted in more illegal immigration. It used to be that one member of a family would go north -- a father, son or brother -- and he'd work and go back to Mexico for Christmas or Mother's Day.

Each time he returned home, there was the chance he'd stay. Now, it's too difficult and expensive to cross, so the workers no longer go back. Instead, they're paying smugglers to bring their families to join them in the United States.

That's why the numbers have gone up. Like I said, "Immigration Reform for Dummies."

The smart thing is to stop the magnet that draws illegal immigrants here: Jobs, jobs, jobs provided by U.S. employers.

And yet, nowhere in the GOP's 10-point enforcement plan do you find any mention of employer sanctions.

I don't suppose that has anything to do with the fact that the Republican Party is the party of business, and, more and more in America, businesses depend on illegal immigrant labor.

Say, maybe those Congressional Republicans aren't so dumb after all. They know a thing or two about survival. Now if they could only brush up on the requirements of leadership."

by Ruben Navarrette Jr. is a member of the editorial board of the San Diego Union-Tribune and a nationally syndicated columnist.


The Yepiz Zone said...

The fact that the article was written by a hispanic...can only deem it bias. Don't you think?

And for the record, it is not just republicans who use Ileegal workers buddy. Democrats have their hands dirty.

Also, Tancredo, Santorum, and other republican senators are the only ones demanding the very argument that this "writer" is expressing.

The fence they are building is a start and the fact that it gets demos pist, tells you who really wants to deal with this immigration problem. The democrats want illegals so thy can vote (illegally) for them. And since the democrats are more socialistic and communistic in their tendencies, of course they want people who have that philosophy of anti-capitalism to come here!

The demos are an "open border" paty. That is proven on how they continously have blocked in previous years BEFORE this all went down on bills and laws from enforcing cracking down on businesses that hire illegals. If they do, they will lose the only base they have.

Finally, this fence is not a waste. Statistics have shown that the San Diego fence works very effevtively (which is why they are coming in from Texas, Arizona, and other places. the fence they will built will be the same, and better, than the san diego wall.

So at least we can start by slowing them down and then focusing on cracking down on employers.

J-Lou said...

the fact that this article gets you pissed tells me something... :) no criticism is ever good when it comes toward your beloved party. this was actually posted by a republican (rudy carrasco) but could see the flaw in his parties plan and would like them to address it. hmmm.

The Yepiz Zone said...

no criticism is ever good when it comes toward your beloved party.

Ok? look at other peoples blogs and look at my previous posts on my blog. I have consistently critized republicans all the time. In fact IA AM in complete disagreement in how the current administration has handled the illegal immigration issue.

If you are accusing me of being a "blind" republican you are mistaken.

Finally, I see you put the focus of my response on me and not on my response to the article and its points. How do you explain the consistent stoppage by democrats to enforce b-o-r-d-e-r control?

Everytime that conservatives attempt to address the issue the liberals go out to protest.

That is the reason nothing has been done.

The Yepiz Zone said...

Also, I criticized the article--not the guy who posted it. The article's writer is most definately biased. Which was another of my points.