Monday, September 18, 2006

good weekend for j-lou

- i went to the afi concert on friday night with omar from alhambra and jake from la habra. it was crazy... jake had me in the pit the whole time... i feel like i got jumped three times.
- kade had a great soccer game and both of his grandmas came to see him play. he scored a goal and played some great defense.
- the notre dame football team got thier buts handed to them... YEAH for overrated Irish Team and all thier fans.
- USC's defense shut down nebraska and dwayne jarret put his name in heisman conversations. i did not hear anything out of mr jones the defensive back from nebraska either. hey nebraska .. you need to go back to the drawing board before you are considered in usc class.
- i than had a quick vacation and flew with some friends to houston to vist our friend luis. we sat around and did nothing all day sunday and monday. YEAH! for lazy days.


pableezy said...

that game was great to watch...except Powdrell busting his ankle. that was almost as bad as watching joe theismann meet LT and bust...everything!

hey, we gotta look for tickets to homecoming. i slept on it (actually, i was waiting on bobby to get back to me and forgot to order them) and now they're sold out.

The Yepiz Zone said...

Hey John, did you happen to see Mario there? He went to the concert too. Said it was awesome! Congrats on beating Nebraska. That was agood win on a pretty tough defense. So I'll give you props this week.

J-Lou said...

no i didn't see mario but i was amazed because i did run into one of the two mexicans that were at biola with me. it was a crazy place. hey thanks for the love yepiz on the trojans... oh and i am still in houston at luis' house chris and i missed our plane and now fly out tommorrow morning. peace.

urBenLA said...

I gotta be honest and say I was at RELOAD and then driving home from RELOAD, so I didn't see any college football, even Ohio State handing Cincinnati their football program back to them. Anyone want to meet me in Glendale, AZ in January?

pableezy said...

sure ben. john and i will be there to watch SC serve Ohio State. we'll meet you there.

J-Lou said...

i am all in if USC is in the fiesta bowl...against michigan oh i mean ohio st. haha

Obasi KidTrek said...

Hey J-Lou,

This Nebraskan isn't feelin the love from you.

What can we say, the Nebraska Sports director wasn't happy with a 10-2 record and fired the coach, Callahan is the "back to the drawing board" solution. Whatever!! He was suppose to bring the pass and the national title, now we can't pass or run. So us fans aren't too happy either.
As for Jones, he is a junior college transfer, it was his first big game and got caught up in the moment. He was humbled way before the game even got started. We aren't into the mouth running stuff either.
Anyway go easy on us- somedays it's tough to be a fan.
And besides there is always next year and you never know what will come back to bite you.


J-Lou said...

hey brenda... good to hear from you. thanks for the comment adn hopefully the cornhuskers can win the rest of their games, because that will help the trojans in the bcs. i will be cheering them on!

Obasi KidTrek said...

That's really big of you... to cheer them on now and all. But personally i won't hold my breath on them winning a whole lot. So i am going to place my energy in cheering in a team with a little more hope of actually doing something. College Volleyball anyone. Yeah BABY!!! Now that's a team.