Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Iraq Study Group Suggests Exit Strategy

here is a section of a report by a bipartisan group that has done a study on the state of iraq. they are suggesting an exodus out of iraq.

"All U.S. combat brigades not necessary for force protection should be out of Iraq by the first quarter of 2008, the Iraq Study Group suggested Wednesday in its widely anticipated report recommending a path for the United States' exit strategy from Iraq."...

"The report offered 79 recommendations, including three critical suggestions — changing the primary mission of U.S. forces in Iraq, prompt action by the Iraqi government to hit milestones on reconciliation and new and enhanced political and diplomatic efforts in Iraq and the region.

It specifically states making sure the United States not commit U.S. forces for an open-ended commitment. It calls for a push for a U.S.-Arab peace, including direct talks between Syria and Israel. It calls for engaging Iran and Syria "constructively" to resolve the Iraq crisis." Fox News

read the rest of the article and the pdf of the actual report. the report is only 160 pages, so i am sure you all well read it indepthly.

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