Friday, December 01, 2006

recreational activity is coming to an end

well the sharks are coming to a closure this weekend with our last game. we have had a great time on the soccer field. the kids have made some real progress and had a lot of fun. we were not suppose to keep score, but i think we lost like 2 games. they would have not lost those games, but becuz the kids became such good friends they had the tendency to talk and mess around on the field instead of stay focused on the game. we follow the game with a party at my house for the team, as i prepare to watch the care bears fall to the trojans and determine how to get my but to glendale az and than get the book on how to sneak into sporting events, so i can see them play the ohio st buckeyes.

the end of soccer means one other thing... the preparation for year 2 of t-ball. i am already registered to be the manager again and told kade we will begin practice on our own immediately. lol.


Jeremy Del Rio said...

What happened to all the brash and bold boys from Troy after Saturday? Bruins got your tongues?

trazomfreak said...

Hey this is off subject...I love that "action shot" of Kade!

Oh, but check your lens...I think it is a little greasy from fingers! Hee hee!