Tuesday, December 05, 2006

my consenting blog

ok. i have been in a number of staff meetings and a great xmas dinner at flemmings, so i have not been able to post over the last two days. but for all of the trojan haters and care bear fans. i give the care bears credit they played a great game and beat us. i even called my good friend chris, who is a big ucla fan and gave him props and tipped my hat to him.

so this is to get jeremy off my back, so he does not keep telling me that i am quiet now. becuz i do not know how to be quiet. so again i would like congratulate the care bears on their invitation to the emerald bowl bid and hope they will be victorious against the power house program of florida st. and we do hold our heads in shame as we will walk humbly into the rose bowl versus the lowly michigan wolverines. so that is all i have to say about this. lol.

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