Tuesday, September 23, 2008

j-lou very frustrated

it seems the evan situation continues on and on... last week had a meeting with principal, vice principal, speech therapist, school shrink, school nurse, teacher and his mother. wow. we came to no solution... the group was split on what to do. i know he takes awhile to adjust to new places and tomm will be the official two week of being in school. i see how frustrated he is ... i feel like the teacher has given up on him. i know i have no idea how to figure out what is going on in that little head of his... he sometimes just does not know how to communicate what he feels. i think he sometimes thinks the world is against him too. that just kills me. the little guy has been through a lot and i know and you know that he is also the sweetest little guy in the world. if anyone spends a little time with him they see how big his heart is... so if you can say a little prayer for the evanator it would be much appreciated... cuz really i have no idea what to do ... i know i will never give up on him that is for sure. peace.

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Andrew Marin said...

Love you John. You're a great dad and a great guy.