Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Life is Crazy

From British Soccer Camp

well i have been in hiatus on my blog, but life is going a little bit ... i would say a lot crazy. i am in the process of selling my house, so me and my boys will be packing up soon and not sure right where we will land, but probably in alhambra. i have too many reasons for selling my house, so i am not going to list them. i have been back and forth on it for awhile but somethings kind have forced my hand. the good thing is that i am not upside down or anything.

i am also coaching three yes count them three soccer teams in alhambra... i have all of the 4 year olds and that would include my son evan. he is have a lot of fun. i also have a 6 and 7 year old team that kade was suppose to play on, but he is not. so one team with none of my kids. i have two of kades friends on the team and one dad is the assistant and will help alot. the next team is of 8 and 9 year old and my son kade who is 7. so he is running with the big boys and doing great. this team practices twice a week and the other two just once. so needless to say i have a crazy soocer life and the games start on saturday!!! the last team is my pride and joy. i think they have a good shot. so i am selling my house... coaching way too much soccer... and work is super busy. i have a few really big events coming up and some great stuff with carver middle school in south central is on the horizon.

i pretty much have no life outside that to speak off and it all keeps me tired but i am enjoying the time with my boys... and evan starts school tomorrow which should be exciting!! i will have to update you all on the evanator and see if public school can handle him.

i left some new pics of a soccer camp the boys were in last week too! i hope everyone enjoys.

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