Monday, September 15, 2008

one stressful week... one needed weekend

well evan's life in kindergarten has begun and it is not going all that well. he is pretty much driving his teacher crazy like... i had a parent teacher meeting already, spent time in the classroom with him, and he has been i think to the principals office like 2 or 3 times. he has spent a whole 8 days there. his teachers wants him out, but that is just not going to happen, because i know he can do it. but the teacher is even stressing me out with the way she treats him and i think i am going to push him to another class... than his mother and me do not see eye to eye on just about anything and throw this into the mix. you have to love stress, anxiety and lack of sleep. i can just hope that maybe i will loose some weight. lol.

well the weekend went much better because of my love for sports. my stress reliever is kades soccer team... the alhambra broncos and they played at 145 pm on saturday. we got down 2-0 but fought back and took the lead 3-2 on two amazing plays by kade to set up brian for two goals. i had to tell kade that an assist is just as important and valuable as a goal. kade is 7 and playing with 8-9 year olds and is playing great. the other coach told he was yelling at his players for someone to stop kade because he was killing them. evan also played in the morning and had a great time. he is having a little more fun playing soccer this year than last.

i moved my self from soccer field... picked up kurtis to watch the trojans destroy ohio state 35-3. they just dismantled the buckeyes. i than spent sunday at my favorite lounge watching football all day with nfl ticket, poker, cigars and the boys. i so needed it and now this morning evan heads back to school... oh oh oh. lets see how this week goes... it is busy at work with some key things so lets see how this week goes.

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