Monday, January 30, 2006

Super Bowl Party

Now for my most important posting of my blogging era:

Bobito the Chef and J-Lou will be hosting a SUPER BOWL PARTY at J-Lou's house:

Location: 812 S. 2nd St, Alhambra

Time: The games starts at 3:00 pm, but feel free to show up at anytime. We will serve the food around 3:30 - 4:00 pm.

What we are providing? tri-tip, chicken and shrimp cocktail!

The question for you is what are you bringing?

Please place a comment if you are planning to attend and share what you will be bringing to the event.

Thank you for supporitng J-Lou and Bobito the Chef Production of another reason to gather in the name of sports.



The Yepiz Zone said...

I will be there! i think since it will be after our marriage class, Amanda will most likely be there as well. I'll brin Chips. Any brand y'all can think of?

mishael53 said...

hmm... what to bring... i can bring some wholesome fruit ;) or other fattening deserts are fine as well!

J-Lou said...


any brand that the spirit leads you toward

J-Lou said...


a fruit platter would be nice... it will help balance the meat quantity. but cookies or other desserts will not be turned away.

knakaue said...

Beer, of course! I'm thinking Newcastle... and maybe some desserts if bakery is on the way to the beer aisle. Good times, good times!

trazomfreak said...

I'll be rooting for the Dodgers...oh, yeah, wrong game.

The Yepiz Zone said...

I think the spirit is saying i should bring the most fattening, greasy chips in the universe!

ha! Doritos will be just fine.