Wednesday, November 29, 2006

j-lou is 33!

what is up j-lou readers? i am now exactly 33 and two days. my friend chris took me to vegas and spoiled the crap out of me the last three days. much love to chris. i turned 33 which i sometimes think is pretty old and other times i think i got a lot of living to do and am looking forward to what the next years have to offer. i think it was chuck swindoll or john maxwell said, the first 35 years of your life is when god is preparing you for your largest impact. so i feel like the last two years have been a fire that i never want to go through again, but hopefully it will be used for something good and maybe great. i really have not been too personally lately, but i said its my birthday .... what the hell.

my approach to theology, politics, relationships and faith have been a great adventure over the last 20 months. i think i appreciate jesus more now than ever, but am more confused about applying his teaching to ministry. it probably because most of the systems that i was trained to do ministry, seem less like his style. i am not even really sure if he had a style. but like said... i have a few more years to try and figure it out. i know that when it is time for the greatest impact of j-lous life to happen i will know. i know it is not manana, but if chuck and john say i got two more years. it sounds about right.


The Yepiz Zone said...

Happy Birthday. Old man.

pableezy said...

did you play 33 on the roulette wheel?

i bet you didn't or you'd bw writing about your retirement...

*.:JeNn JeNn:.* said...

Happy Birthday John!
Wow... 33!
So I went shopping for your birthday gift today but I had one question....

Should I get Rims for your wheelchair or not?
jk Youngster!

P.S- I went for the 24 spinners!
Only the best for John!

Joser said...

Happy Birthday my brother.

Hope you had a great one.

God bless you with many more.

Jeremy Del Rio said...

Happy birthday!

I hate to quibble with Chuck and John, but if great impact begins at 35, then what do we call the 33 yrs Jesus lived?

Just wondering.

J-Lou said...

good thought jeremy... but maybe he was on the accelerated plan. not sure. lol i am hoping that my 33rd year is not quite as rough as jesus' 33rd, but glad he went through it for me. much love to jesus!