Monday, November 20, 2006

2 Grown Men Hug.... Good Day for USC

ok.... for the haters, the skeptics (including me at times this year), the faithful and everyone in between. i love november college football. here are some of the amazing highlights of this weekend.
  1. USC Beats Cal by 14.
  2. Ohio St beats Michigan (score looks closer than the game) Congrads Ben... Sorry Brian!
  3. Rutgers gets their butts handed to them by Cincy. (i thought this was footballl not basketball)
  4. BCS sucks, but if SC wins out it should work out.
  5. Notre Dame beats ... whatever lame school they played this week to make themselves look good. Give the AD an A+ for creating a schedule to help them make a bcs game.
that is my top five things in college football and my christmas wish is that the bcs dies a horrible death and we will all see a playoff system before we die... christ returns (for you predisponsational theologians) or we enter the next ice age. lol.


pableezy said...

i was a doubter too early on. truthfully, i still am a little. but i am enjoying the trojans surprising me.

i hope we run the table but get the rose bowl bid. i don;t know if this young team can handle ohio st. it might be better psychologically if we play whoever in the rose bowl and get a solid win and come back next year to take the whole thing.

Keith (Qoheleth) said...

John: I'm with you on the BCS - it has to go. And, public congratulations to Pablo: the better team won (it's not easy being an alum of the only school in the Pac-10 that will never see the inside of the Coliseum in January without buying tickets...). I think that Ice Age WILL get here before Cal gets back to the Rose Bowl.

But how would you do a playoff system? With this many teams and conferences, and you really can't play more than a game a week in football, how would you ever have a working playoff system?

I'd settle for going back to the way it was before the BCS.

- Keith (Cal, Class of '79)

J-Lou said...

here is how the bcs should be changed to incorporate a playoff system:
the most likely to take place first is the plus one scenario. this is after all of the bcs bowl games are played. u take the top one and two teams and have them play one more game. this is totally possible especially because the final game is already taking place on Jan 8th now that is one week after the old bowl schedule. you could even go back to the old bowl format and have the big ten and the pac 10 in the rose bowl and so one and than do the plus one game. It is better but still has problems, but would be a step closer to a playoff system.

J-Lou said...

ok, step #2 in the college football playoff system. we need the university presidents and the bowl commissions to stop being so frickin greedy... ok not going to happen. but if this thing fails enough they may be able to switch to this system to try and salvage a reputation and they can stay greedy, because that will not change.

you keep some type of bcs ranking system and you get it down to the top 8 teams in the ranking. if you narrow it down to the top 8 you will have some people complaining about being #9 and on the bubble but in reality you will have the top 4 - 5 teams in the system that have a legitimate chance to win.

you than use the top bowls to have 1 play 8, 2 play 7, 3 play 6, and 4 play 5. This would bring you down to the top four teams for new years day bowl games and than have one more bowl that rotates between the big ones two weeks after jan 1 for the real championship game. no dispute, argument or drama. Just a legitimate number 1 school... that will probably be USC at least every other year! haha!

Jeremy Del Rio said...

(I can't believe I'm saying this, but) Go Irish!