Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My 100th Post

ok this is not monumental for some of you out there... aka jeremy and rudy. but it does beat some of you out there with like 4 posts (danielle, jen jen) just playing. haha.

i will make the official announcement that i am reading a book... haha. for everyone who thought it would be something a lot more interesting and personal. but like i have said, i have been pretty lazy in adding new information in my head to think about, so i ordered two books that should give me a lot of things to think about. they are classics too. brian mcclaren actually did not write either of them, but i will read whatever brian writes next, because he really makes me think.

i have posted a picture of the books with a link to their description.


Spam Lives said...

Congrats sir. Congrats.

The Last Unicorn,
Paul G. Camargo

just danielle... said...

hey! =] i have more important school and work. im trying to be a sucessful woman here! (yeah...a woman.)

*.:JeNn JeNn:.* said...

Ouch!!! THat was a Low Blow!!haha
Hey... Hey...Hey.... I am very PROUD of my 5 posts!! hahaha

Danielle and I are trying to keep it Gangsta.... we drop in whenever we feel like it! hahaha

J-Lou said...

danielle and jen.... i have lots of love for you guys. but you know me i always have to take a jab when i can. oh danielle... i thought blogging was work... right pablo.

pableezy said...

why you gotta put me on blast like that?

T-Dub said...

Why would you want to read about the politics of Jesus? Sorry, but politics are definately not my thing. I'd rather read about something easier like..."take up your cross and follow me"...I mean..."love your enemies"...uhhh...politics sound easy enough. Let me know how it goes. ;)