Friday, November 10, 2006

Bono the New Model of Christian Activism

i was very intrigued to see the cover of newsweek and the articles it contained. i have been busy and not able to read a lot, but was talking to myself the other day (i love to talk to myself) and said i need to at least read something. i use to read a book a month, but have been pretty lazy. i chose this article to read from newsweek and will attempt to read the rest of them by the end of next week. i was intrigued by the statement that a younger evangelical is more interested in stating what we are for and not what we are against. the statement really resonated with me, because for so many years i could tell you what i was against better than i could tell you what i was for, but as i am really in a discovery mode i continue to be drawn into things that i want to be for and care less about what i used to be against. i like the ending statement from the article that i placed below and it is like four pages long, but it is a good read if you take to the bathroom with you. haha.

"When it speaks, a new evangelicalism should be distinctive for its tone as well. The goal is not only to stand for Christianity's moral teachings but to emulate the manner of its Founder, who showed that kindness is not weakness, and had more tenderness for moral outcasts than for moral hypocrites."

j-lou is out.


pableezy said...

...had more tenderness for moral outcasts than for moral hypocrites...

interesting...this is true. he didn't have anything nice to say to the pharisees.

i'm about to do roll call against the moral hypocrites on my blog...on second thought, maybe not. :)

*.:JeNn JeNn:.* said...

Great article!!!