Sunday, November 26, 2006

i told u so.... YES!

ok, 10 - 1 is looking awful nice right now with one game left on the schedule next week. the dames lived up to what i expected of them and played as if they were up against the likes of army, navy, north carolina, air force and whoever else they throw on the schedule to make them look decent. and if you play like that against the trojans that always play better in november than any other month. so trojans do not look forward and take care of business against the care bears and if i win the lottery i will pay for bens ticket and airfare to watch the game on january 8. the tickets are already ridiculous and i can probably buy an lcd big screen tv for the price of my trip.


Tom said...


If you need a place to crash, lemme know. I'm about a 15 minute drive from the stadium.

Tommy Tryggestad

*.:JeNn JeNn:.* said...

awww... John!!
You were such a mentor to me until I read this blog!! hahaha
It's ok... we all make mistakes... hahaha

Go Bruins!

pableezy said...

i'll be watching the game in glendale...CA.

J-Lou said...

Let's plan the road trip. I'm all in.