Tuesday, November 21, 2006

good cause... help if you feel led

j-lou readers. a good friend of mine in houston is trying to help his cousin a teacher in south central help a middle school girl get to washington dc. read the letter and if you feel led... break her off a buck or two. peace.

Dear Friends and Family,

I ask for a little bit of your time and hopefully some
much needed assistance. I worked at Graham elementary
for over 6 years. It is located in the heart of South
Central Los Angeles. During my time at Graham I met a
lot of children and always saw my number one duty was
that of being a role model above all else. Positivity
is something lacking in several of these children's
home. Often times all they see are the drugs, gangs
and violence they are surrounded by. It became
increasing frustrating to see innocent children become
products of their environment. The streets are divided
by the gangs and violence and your hardworking parents struggling to show their kids a positive way of life. One of the few children I have kept in contact with is Yesenia Madrigal. She is now 13 years old and attends Gage Jr. High School in Huntington Park. Recently she was chosen as one of four students given the opportunity to visit Washington DC. Winning participants were chosen as a part of an essay contest. Children were ask to identify "the best day of their lives." Her essay was entitled "The day I became Christian." I believe this is a chance of a life time for her...something that will not only be enlightening but will stay with her forever. She is attempting to raise 1400 dollars to cover the cost of the trip. She has been working extremely hard doing everything possible to reach her goal. Selling chocolates at school, around her neighborhood, and various locations. She is also conducting weekly yard sales, baby sitting, and sending letters to family members. Yesenia's Mom is a single mother who works cleaning at a local beauty salon. While unable to provide certain material things...she has raised her daughter to become a respectable and level headed young lady. I feel she is undoubtedly deserving of this opportunity and while she is not aware of this email...I have made it my personal goal to get her to Washington DC. At this point she has raised just over 200 dollars...so she is approximately 1200 short. The remainder of the money is due by Jan 5th. I sincerely ask for any donation and assure you...your money will make a significant impact in her life.

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Thank you,
Josue Omar Ortiz

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