Friday, February 17, 2006

Every Day in America

I am preparing for a youth camp that I will be speaking at and I was reminded of the desperate measures that young people take to deal with life. These are probably a few years old, but i think it does remind us to reach out and continue to love and point kids to a new way of life.

Every day in America:

• 1,000 teenage girls become single mothers
• 1,016 teenage girls get abortions
• 4,219 teenagers contract a sexually transmitted disease
• 500 adolescents begin using drugs
• 1,000 adolescents begin drinking alcohol
• 135,000 kids bring a gun or other weapon to school
• 3,610 teens are assaulted, 80 are raped
• 2,200 teens drop out of high school
• 2,750 kids watch their parents separate or divorce
• 90 kids are taken from their parents’ custody and placed in foster care, a group home, or institutional care
• 7 kids (ages 10 – 19) are murdered
• 7 juveniles age 17 and under are arrested for murder
• 6 teens commit suicide

Why does research say that “Children now fear the divorce of their parents more than the death of their parents. They grow up with less family security.”

• One out of every eight kids live with an alcoholic
• One out of every four kids live in a single parent home
• One out of every five kids live in poverty
• More than one in fifty kids live with no parent at all

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