Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Orioles!

Kade had the orientation for his innagural season of T-Ball. They had all of the teams posted outside of the auditorium and we found out that he is on the Orioles! After some initial orientation, we were sent outside again to meet our coach. When the parents of the Orioles gathered togehter, we were informed that we had no manager. They asked for volunteers, after a bit of silence, I said why not. I coached soccer with no knowledge of the game or like, but i love baseball and even played for a good decade. So not only is kade on the Orioles, I am the official Manager of the Alhambra Orioles. I will keep you posted in this exciting adventure of trying to teach 5 and 6 year old how to run to first base and not third and actually catch a ball. It should be quite an adventure, but it has been a dream of mine forever to be kade and evan's coach.



The Yepiz Zone said...

Hey John. With you as head coach, I think Kade and the kids will be able to beat the real MLB Orioles. I coached little league with Robbie in Altadena. If you need help let me know.

QueenTeresita said...

How fun! =D

trazomfreak said...

Wow, this is so awesome! You are living Alex's dream right now. To be a coach for your own kids. Take lots of pictures...that way later on when they're teens, you can show their girlfriends. Ha!