Friday, February 24, 2006

One of my Heroes

I was hanging out with a friend, Susie Kook yesterday. She serves with World Impact in Watts and she reminded me of the cost of loving people in the city. She had her apartment broken into last week and they stole her computer and some other valuable stuff. She than came home Tuesday night, early Wednesday morning after being a part of a 24/7 prayer meeting only to be distrubed by gun shots, screaming kids and one of her kids being shot. Thank God it was only in his foot, but he described the feeling of the bullets flying by him on every side.

Susie, lack of sleep and probably already exhausted heads to the emergency room to be with the family (a crying hesterical mom and a pissed off dad). As is evident, the cost is physical, emotional and spiritual as we choose to love kids in some very dangerous communities.

I just wanted to have some of the J-Lou readers to say a prayer for Susie and her kids that she loves in the name of Jesus. Thanks Susie for all that you do!!

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