Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I read the following story, "Years ago, I attended a rally against sweatshops overseas. The organizers had not invited the typical rally speakers--lawyers, activists, academics. Instead, they brought the kids themselves from the sweatshops to speak. I listened as a child from Indonesia stood to share and pointed to the giant scar on his face. 'I got this scar when my master lashed me for not working hard enough. When it began to bleed, he did not want me to stop working or to ruin the cloth in front of me, so he took a lighter and burned it shut. I got this making stuff for you.'"

If you know me, over the years i have bought more Jordan clothing than probably anybody you know in America (even though i have stopped, i actually cannot remember the last item i bought). I have created a safe distance from the reality of these issues, because i fail to see the person connected to the issue. If we don't let oursleves meet the people who suffer, we are able not to care. If we keep them at a distance, it is not our problem. I have truly been wrestling with so many issues of why i don't care.

Than Shane C made this statement in his book, "Fall in love with a group of people who are marginalized and suffering, and than you won't have to worry about which cause you need to protest. Then the issues will choose you." He is so correct, if we are not in relationship with those people who need us to stand up for them and support them, we will never do it. Or if we do, it is not out of love for those people. It may just be out of anger toward our government or just to be cool and against something.

I want to decrease the distance in my life to people who need to be cared for and loved, to people who need an advocate, to people who Jesus said to love. Maybe i will not protest Nike sweatshops, but i do want to care more about issues that i think really sadden God. I have some ideas, but i have so many selfish reasons to say... lets just put that on hold. Well, thanks for listening. Peace.

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