Monday, February 27, 2006

A Great Weekend

Kade, Evan and myself got to spend the weekend at Pinecrest Christian Camp as I was the speaker for the weekend. It was a group of Grace Brethern Churches from around the Southland. A few from Long Beach, South Pasadena, Rialto and Bellflower. We had a great time. A big thanks goes out to Tim Logan and Daivd Wilson for being nannies for the weekend. Friday night that got initiated into the wonderful world of poopy diapers. Evan blew it up while i was speaking and they got some good birth control by changing their first diaper. Thanks again guys for loving my kids... they had so much fun with you guys. Kade keeps talking about the tree branch monster that David created and kade got to fight.

I go to speak on the parable of the Prodigal Son for the weekend. I knew that most of the kids were coming from a church background, so i focused on the Older Son in the Story. I focused on challenging myself, the students and thier leaders to move beyond an apathetic life of faith. What does it take for the Older Son who had mentally departed from God, but had physically been present for years attempting to do the right thing for his father to actually return? Return to responding to God the way Zacheaus responded... who gave half of his money to the poor and made things right with those he cheated and God said Salvation had come to this man. And not respond as the rich young ruler who would not respond positively to Jesus' call to "follow me", but walked away sad and Jesus did not chase after him, but let him walk away.

Jesus is looking for us all to take him seriously... pray for me as i am really being stretched by so many stories in the gospel to make some shifts in my life. I want to take Jesus seriously and live how he lived, but truthfully i am scared.



urBenLA said...

Just let me know when you want to get together and talk about how God is using postmodern thought to refine the church. I'm stoked.

"What will you do with your life if you don't die on the way home from church tonight?"

Sonia:) said...

I guess I know who to call when I need babysitters now!

urBenLA said...

I was really hoping to generate some discussion and put fire in people's bellys by using the PM word and stuff. oh well.

J-Lou said...

That was so last week... or the week before that. I'm not sure.

Sonia:) said...

Ben, that is so funny because I thought it but didn't say it. I didn't want to get contraversial :)